Shutterstock Video Hack – The Advantages Of Using Stock Photography

Back when I first started publishing websites and blogs online there was all this buzz about copyright infringement and bloggers were fearful that they were going to get sued by big companies like Getty for swiping images that they technically didn’t pay for…Shutterstock Video Hack

And I was broke back then, so I didn’t have much money. Definitely no money to invest in “stock photos” for my free blog.

But that was then.

Back then stock photography wasn’t as mainstream and they images were way more expensive.

Now, if you’re building up a branded website or authority blog and you want professional images to compliment your site content…sorry, but you’re just not going to find them on Google Images.

That’s why I highly recommend investing in a great stock photography website like Shutterstock.

The way most stock photography sites work is that you purchase credits, which you can then use to buy photos as you need them.

And some sites even have a monthly plan you can subscribe to that allows you to download so many images each month.

Either way you choose to get started though, if you’re serious about the blog or site you’re creating, and you want high quality photos you can use to really make your content pop and keep your readers engaged and on the page, I do recommend considering a quality stock photo site for your assets.

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